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For healthy nose and airways, keep practicing proper hygiene habits and stay away from the aggravating factors that can make all difference. To take good care of your nose, functioning proper nasal hygiene is essential. Its help in preventing infection and also reduces the factors like cold symptoms, sinus and allergies. Since nose have many important functions so it’s necessary to maintain its care. The air we breathe is purify and humidify by nose. Mucos membrane helps to filter the air and prevent from the threats with the help of its filtering particles. It provide us sense for smelling and also helps to project sound of our voice.

how to take care of your nose

how to take care of your nose


It is important to know about Mucous to care of your nose as it acts like an antivirus for our body. It protect us from external threats with the help of its mucous and its blend with impurities. The hairs presents on mucous membrane helps to direct impurities toward throats and stomach and from where the impurities remove permanently. Sneezing is also one way extracting impurities through nose. Nose should be kept very hygienic because through nose we take air which contains oxygen which is very essential for survival.


By reducing external threats from your environment with the help of proper healthy living habits are useful in proper nasal function and which gain by proper nasal hygiene care. The following tips shows that how to reduce external threats from your environment:

1. Avoid carpets

2. Stop accumulation of dust on object

3. Regularly cleans your home.

4. Air should be humidifying in your home.

5. Avoid smoking.

Obviously following above tips will help in a great way to take care of your nose. Also you can maintain proper nasal hygiene by cleaning it regularly. Just like you brushed your teeth regularly for clean mouth in same manner you should clean your nose regularly for its proper functioning. To eliminate the nasal cavities saline water based product should be used.


Mostly respiratory infection caused to the kids of infant Child’s their immune system is not completely developed so there is chances of getting affect with nostril problems. Young children have narrow nasal cavity so they also get affected by respiratory infection due to which they are unable to blow their noses and mostly spend their time in sleeping. So it’s very important for them to regularly clean their nose with saline water, which is a part of nose care practice for infant.


Mites, pollen and mould are some allergies to which you constantly come in contact. Allergies found in mucous cause to sneezing and congestion which can be reduces by using saline water regularly to clean your nose.


Typical symptoms which include tingling and burning sensation in the nose are caused due to dry nose problem. It’s very uncomfortable and makes us infected.

There are few examples which are causes of dry nose and will help you in take care of nose:

1. Low humidity level

2. Heating system used in the home during winters.

3. Aging

4. Due to certain medicines use of nasal spray

5. Radiation treatments.


1. Proper humidity level should be maintained in your home.

2. Use non-irritating product which are especially made for nasal hygiene

3. Nose should be clean more frequently when you have respiratory infection or allergies.

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